Playing field mats

When registering for the competition, each team receives a mat; additional mats can be ordered in our store for a fee.

After the end of the season, the used mats will be available to buy as second-hand material; we will then link to them in our store.

Lego bricks for playing field objects

For the competitions, objects have to be built from Lego bricks, which then have to be transported by the robot or sorted by color. There are special Lego sets for this. A new set (WRO expansion set, set number 45819) has been available since the 2023 season. The old set (WRO basic set, set number 45811) is also still required. Both sets can be ordered free of charge by new teams when registering for the competition. If additional sets are required, these can be ordered from our store for a fee.

Lego robotics set for rent

WRO CH rents out robot sets. Whether it’s a one-day workshop, a project week or an entire competition season – we can help you. Details in the store.

Competition table

In WRO competitions, the mat is placed on a wooden table with a 5 cm high railing. It makes sense to use such a table during preparation. Here are the assembly instructions.

There are two versions of the table: one with a continuous top and one that folds up. If there is no space to store a table outside of training times, there is also the option of making a railing from 4 loosely screwed wooden slats, which can be screwed together and unscrewed with just a few handles. The dimensions correspond to those of the full-length table.