Children and young people build and program a Lego robot in teams of 2 or 3 people (Lego Spike Prime, Lego Mindstorms Inventor, EV3 or NXT are permitted). They have to solve tasks autonomously on a playing field measuring approx. 3 square meters. As a rule, objects must be transported and sorted by color, whereby obstacles must not be moved. The tasks will be known from the start of the season on January 15, but the placement of the objects on the pitch will be randomized on the day of the competition before each round. Therefore, the robot must be able to decide independently where to take a certain object, which to leave standing or perform another action.

At the regional competition, the robot must first be assembled from loose Lego bricks – the use of building instructions is not permitted. The task is also varied by a further rule change, e.g. an additional object can come into play, or the yellow object must be placed in the red target instead of the yellow one.

In the Swiss final, the Afternoon Challenge is added, in which a completely new task has to be solved with the familiar objects.