“Robotics is great! I would love to do that with my students. But how should I start?”

“It’s great that my children are interested in robotics. And I would like to enable them to take part in the WRO competition. But I don’t know how.”

If you’ve already asked yourself these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Our learning dossiers for robotics with the Lego® SPIKE Prime are designed so that they can either be used in class lessons or worked on completely independently by children and young people. All dossiers have been tested several times and are regularly updated to ensure that they contain the correct information for the latest version of the SPIKE app. They contain numerous screenshots with many code examples.

For beginners


  • What is robotics?
  • Think like a robot
  • First steps with the LEGO® SPIKE Prime robotics set
  • Driving: Drive motors, curves
  • Loops and conditions
  • Simple algorithms
  • Follow a line

For teachers and coaches

This dossier accompanies the learning dossier for beginners. In addition to the complete text, it also contains solutions to the exercises and didactic comments with tips on how to further apply and expand what has been learned in the classroom.

Programming with Python

This dossier is intended either for older beginners who can already read and write well and know some English, or for advanced learners who would like to learn a “real” programming language. The content is similar to the dossier for beginners.

For advanced users

There are two smaller learning dossiers for advanced roboticists. The content of the dossier for beginners is assumed to be known.

The gyro sensor 

This dossier is about how to use the gyro sensor built into the robot’s hub and how to use it to navigate around the playing field.

Variables and MyBlocks

More complex projects, such as the WRO tasks, also require advanced programming skills. This is where variables and custom blocks (“MyBlocks”) come into play. This dossier uses a specific example to explain how this works.